Character Thumbnails

Daniele bulgaro post apoc ch1 human v04

Human race character sheet

Daniele bulgaro post apoc ch2 transcendent v02

Transcendent race character sheet

These are the early stage concepts for a project I have had the chance to work on during late 2018 and was later cancelled.
In this RPG-based adventure different races struggle with survival in a warring universe.
Here you can take a look at the tiered variations on the Human and Transcendent character, the latter being an evolved race which had discovered and employed magic through technological devices.
The client was extremely thorough in providing elements of world design and a selection of props, making my job particularly easy.
Humans are split into tiers of Survivor, Raider and Paramilitary, each class sporting heavier armor.
Transcendent are classified as Technocrat, Shaman and Warlord, each wearing a different outfit reflecting their predisposition for light weaponry, magic and melee respectively.

March 14, 2019