General / 27 March 2019

A couple of months ago I fired up my computer and got to work on a bunch of sci-fi villains for my own amusement.

It was a slow day and I think I have spent about 30 minutes on each individual sketch, from rough shapes to details.
Alchemy is a very powerful tool which lets serendipity clash with intentional design and stimulates the imagination, I really do enjoy creating with this software.

Goal of this experiment was bringing to life interesting shapes, developing a different language for each foe and eventually moving from thumbnail to a fully realised design (which will be the next step, whenever I find the time for this).

I have accepted the importance of early development in regards to achieving striking designs - in the past I would spend 0% of my time in planning, 10% in blocking out and 90% in detailing, which would end up being a decoration on a weakly designed illustration.

I have removed from my Artstation page about 90% of the posts which are 2+ years old, because of how quickly I am learning and developing new skills.

Thumbnailing is now an integral part of my process, and I can see how learning graphic design and studying cinematic composition is helping me take huge leaps instead of the tiny steps I was used to.