QUELL - Customization trailer

I was tasked with finding a way to show the customization option which was unlocked through the successful 500K USD goal on Kickstarter.

My proposal was to create a "mockup" of the actual character editing section in the future game.
Here are a few stills and "behind the scenes" shots of the process.

I started by painting a few versions of each of the assets I would need to populate the scene: houses, fences, clotheslines, grass and rocks.

I then imported them into Blender and created a set of shaders to randomize their look a bit, then started experimenting with light sources and volumetric effects.

The setup for the lead character is quite simple, but a fun exercise.
The "replacement" effect was created by having each arm and the body as sets of image sequences, parented together.
I would then hand-animate the frame selection throughout the scene to show the iterations.
I did the same with the Familiars present in the scene and the color of their particle effects.

I added a couple of wind sources to animate the grass on the ground closer to the camera, as well as the closest wind flags.
Farther elements were animated via keyshapes to simulate gusts of wind far away in the scene.
The smoke puffs are made with simple emitters hidden behind flat geometry of the houses.

In this project I also experimented with a trimsheet for some of the more complex buildings.
I picked the colors from the existing house and composited a few useful elements in a 1024x1024 texture file in Photoshop, and I later aligned UVs by hand as needed.

September 30, 2020