2001 A Space Odyssey inspired laboratory

Daniele bulgaro spacelab08

Hero shot

Daniele bulgaro spacelab07

Mechanical greeble made w/ Grease Pencil. Here you can see quite clearly how sparks were added as flat transparent PNGs

Daniele bulgaro spacelab06


Daniele bulgaro spacelab09
Daniele bulgaro spacelab04

An older look for the alert light, I was not satisfied with the result so I tweaked the emission shader and camera settings in later renders

Daniele bulgaro spacelab05

Non emergency light setup. All illumination comes from emission shaders except for the one point light inside the central rotor.

Daniele bulgaro spacelab01

Variation in the lighting setup

Space Lab animation test

For this project, I practiced blending the design language of 2001: A Space Odyssey with the shapes of a nuclear reactor, while keeping a minimal, sleek style.

I made use of narrow lense cameras with an ultrawide sensor in order to be able to create depth of focus in a very wide shot.

There are only five materials used in this scene: red emissive, white emissive, black matte plastic, white plastic and metal.

All of the lighting is provided by the emission shaders except for a central point light.

April 5, 2019