Daniele bulgaro protector 124

Final Render

Process Video


Headshot of the new addition to the Daruva fleet, PROTECTOR MARK III.

Designed for peace, built for war.

The circular rim-light on the elegant front panel act as a strobo flashlight, while the reinforced design allows our new prototype to withstand high volume of fire and concussions before its internal sensors fail.
A 110° angle of rotation of the neck section, combined with the innovative configuration of the light sensors, allows MARK III to process most of what happens in its surroundings both in patrol and active combat.

As a change from the previous PROTECTOR models, MARK III is connected to HIVEMIND (High Volume Electronic Meta-intelligent Drive) which allows it to get rid of the slight margin of risk in the handling of hostage situations*.
More information on PROTECTOR MARK III can be gathered from your local Daruva provider.

*as previously stated, all lawsuits were handled by our expert team. Info on the civilian extended insurance policy can be found _here_.

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