HOLLENQUEST - Characters cards.
Daniele bulgaro tank shot

Paladin Caan.
This study, faceless veteran is the safety net of every raid.
His facial features are unknown, most say he was scarred by a fight with a tight deadline and an illustrator's shortcomings, terrible creatures.

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Kira the Assassin.
It's more of a girl name anyway.

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Reva the Mage.
Her right arm mechanical apparatus gathers magic energy and sweat in same amounts, copiously.
Nobody mention body odor unless you want to turn into a frog or, worse, an art director.

Daniele bulgaro ranger shot

Brian the Ranger.
Bwian the carpenter's little brother, this skilled hunter went for a weaponised use of wood and steel before anybody thought of doing the same to him.

HOLLENQUEST - Characters cards.

Characters I created for the videogame Hollenquest (from the German word for "Eternal" and the English for "Expediciòn").
The story follows the adventure of four raiders trapped in a downward spiral of demonic spawn, evil overlords, OP bosses and excruciating humidity levels.
One other player's role is to set traps, spawn mobs and eventually don the skimpy garments of a massive boss at the end of the level.
Every level of the game revolves around looting, slashing and cursing against fellow players in a 4 vs 1 experience which is guaranteed to bring out the worst in everybody.
Hollenquest will be soon released as a very early beta.

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