Hollenquest - Environment sketches
Daniele bulgaro pitch ambiente i v2

Area #1
The Pit
First sketch, as you can see it's pretty rough around the edges.
I don't have any experience with environments, these are the first I've ever done.

Daniele bulgaro pitch ambiente ii v2

Area #2
The Arena
Here I used a more complex reference, then I added complexity and contrast by putting some details here and there, in order to make the quick sketch a little more refined and visually stimulating.

Daniele bulgaro pitch ambiente iii

Area #3
The Cathedral
This one is the most complex of the three (also my latest work).
It's interesting how each one of these took about the same amount of time to make, with wildly different results.

Hollenquest - Environment sketches

Concepts for the different areas found in Hollenquest the game.
The characters are trapped in a maze-esque structure which rooms seem to shift around and vanish as soon as they're not watched closely anymore.
Inspiration for the environments were temples and cathedrals, the ligthing is dim and uncomfortable and the flames are the only colourful details in this claustrophobic labyrinth.

More artwork
Daniele bulgaro tank shot